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You don’t need to hire an expensive startup agency or consultant to do what you can learn with Founder Community.

  • No need to hire a development team or other agency until you know what will make your startup a success
  • Learn what will work for you from peer-to-peer feedback and insights

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A lot of startup programs tell you how to make your dreams come true with blog posts and case studies that only give you a piece of the puzzle.

  • Learn and practice the right process for startup success
  • Plan and prepare to quit your day job
  • Actually make your dreams come true

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How do you reach startup success?

Founder Community helps you get off the ground and grow with our 13-step Proven Process. What are these steps?

Step 1

Identify Problem

Work with our startup coaches to pinpoint the problem you’re trying to solve with your idea.

Step 2


Spend time with your Founder Community coach strengthening your idea and setting you up for success.

Step 3

Market Research

Figure out if you have competitors, who they are, and how you can offer something different with your idea.

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