Proven Process

How do you reach startup success?

Founder Community helps you get off the ground and grow with our 13-step Proven Process. What are these steps?

Step 1

Identify Problem

Work with our startup coaches to pinpoint the problem you’re trying to solve with your idea.

Step 2


Spend time with your Founder Community coach strengthening your idea and setting you up for success.

Step 3

Market Research

Figure out if you have competitors, who they are, and how you can offer something different with your idea.

Step 4

Message and Positioning

Discover what makes your idea the most unique and how to create messages that resonate with your ideal customers.

Step 5

Business Planning

Create a lean canvas business plan that will help you see the bigger picture goals of your idea and how to reach your goals.

Step 6


Investigate which types of common startup funding sources work best for your idea and how to get investors interested.

Step 7

100 Allies

Taken from the playbooks of marketing greats like Seth Godin and Pat Flynn, find your first 100 allies and get real-world feedback.

Step 8


Get hands-on help mapping out and designing a user-friendly website or app that will engage and delight your ideal customers.

Step 9

Feature Backlog

Figure out how to track those great ideas you want to hold on to for future features that don’t quite fit your MVP just yet.

Step 10


Crunch the numbers and figure out how much money you need to attract and retain investors, as well as to be successful long-term.

Step 11


Decide how you’re going to advertise your product or service using marketing techniques and social media networks.

Step 12

Product Creation

Watch all your hard work come together in one of your final Founder Community steps: product creation.

Step 13

Business Creation

Figure out what kind of business model makes the most sense for your company and what you need to do to create it.

Step 14

BONUS: Pitch

Get tips on how to create pitch presentations and materials that will resonate with potential investors, customers and partners.

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